Wales Counselling provides counselling for workplace stress in North Wales and Chester

Claire McCluskey
M.Sc. B.A. Relate Cert C.C.
Registered Counsellor BACP & UKRC

Coast Road, Rhyl, LL18 3PL
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Workplace Stress

Work life balance is the time and value we place on things inside and outside work- It stresses the importance of having time to relax, exercise, time with friends/family, time to self. Work life balance encourages self care and demands a change if stress is too heave and too long lasting.

Work pressures like - workplace changes, workload pressure, problems with colleagues or managers, expectations vs ability to deliver etc will produce anxiety symptoms.

We tend to absorb the stress and change until we simply cannot absorb anymore. This is when people begin not to function well at work- problem solving and focus becomes difficult, the work load in the in tray seems to grow and the process and out tray seems not to make a difference. Things seem overwhelming. Sleep becomes problematic. Anxiety and fear grow. Muscles stay tight and don't get to relax. Stress exhausts us, there is so much going on inside trying to cope and juggle and because our stress or anxiety response is activated our bodies are flooded with stress hormones and in a high activated state. We may feel more tearful and don't want to go to work, culminating in a detaching as a way or trying to take care of self. This can affect concentration and performance in work and further grow the stress.

Work stress damages health, performance, relationships inside and outside the workplace. It damages self esteem and can lead to depression or anxiety, making it difficult for people to feel resilient enough to be either more assertive and competent/functioning in work or even to be confident enough to find other work if this feels like the best solution.

We may find it hard to relax, to do one thing at a time. We find it difficult to stay in the moment- finding we are already in tomorrow or next week in our minds. Workplace stress means people spend time when not in work thinking about work. Minds are usually full of fast moving thoughts- and bodies are usually agitated and restless also. Counselling helps understand and change the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety and the associated thoughts. It will have a string focus on Self Compassion.

Counselling about work could involve learning new skills- for example: delegation, relaxation, time management, problem solving, assertiveness or other interpersonal or communication work.

Sometimes we can't easily change the context, we cant change other people unless they want to change so often the thing we work with in Work Related Counselling is to place a value back on self and self care, Change the work life balance, Work to reduce stress symptoms and learn to relax.

We can change our actions- what we do and don't do, we can change our thinking so we ultimately can affect our feelings to change them.

Stress can cause problems within you and between you and others inside and outside work. You can come to counselling individually if it is more work related or as a couple if it is causing more relational problems.

Claire McCluskey is experienced in working with stress related issues in the NHS and works with Employee Assistance Programmes in order to help people manage work stress (works as an Associate Counsellor for BUPA, Capita, Right Management & PPC.)