Is your relationship over? Wales Counselling offer couples counselling to help rebuild your relationship or separate

Claire McCluskey
M.Sc. B.A. Relate Cert C.C.
Registered Counsellor BACP & UKRC

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Is your relationship over?

Intimate relationships do not usually end neatly and cleanly. Normally they are on and off, up and down several times before they end. It may be more one person's idea more than the others. Whether you are the person considering ending the relationship or the one who has been dumped, endings are normally very difficult.

There may be a time when working through problems or changing the relationship could make enough of a difference to recover your relationship.

This can be a highly emotional and enormously frustrating time.

It may feel like that time has past or it's too little too late.

It may feel that you want to work on the relationship but your partner has moved on from this.

It isn't easy because both partners are usually in different positions to the relationship / at different "chapters".

There are simply three choices when it comes to your relationship:

People usually have tried over and over to problem solve their relationships before they approach counselling.

Relationship counselling works to help couples see if they can save their relationship, or to find a way of making an end.

Couple counselling does both rebuilding and separation work.