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Welcome to my website. Have a look around and please get in touch if you want to know anything more or to discuss booking an appointment with me.

I’ve developed walescounselling.co.uk, a confidential private therapy service so people can access therapy form the comfort of their own homes thus taking away the need for having to settle for a therapist within driving distance.

Having worked as a therapist for over twenty four years in both Northern Ireland and North Wales, helping clients from all over the United Kingdom, I now offer short or longer term counselling and therapy appointments remotely - by video link or telephone - so you can access therapy from your own home. This is a confidential and safe space in which to explore and process what you bring, collaboratively, with the aim of helping ease the distress and to move forward.

We all feel overwhelmed or stuck at times.

Life stresses – whether at home and work, within relationships or families, will wear our strength. We normally just keep pushing on. Our appetite and sleep get affected. Other people notice that we have become more tetchy or teary. Our concentration and focus get affected. Others notice we aren’t ourselves - we don’t seem to be listening - or we lose our words or place in sentence.

We withdraw and isolate more. Our internal voice can become punishing and full of “cants” (anxiety) and/or “shoulds” (depression). We’re exhausted and sleep doesn’t rest us if we do sleep.

We usually begin to notice ourselves at this point but given that we normally just tend to try harder we don’t think of ourselves with the same compassion we use for others. We don’t treat emotional stress or distress as we do physical problems. Rarely do we give ourselves either permission or time for recovery.

Therapy allows you the safe confidential space to begin to notice and change behaviours and thoughts and access feelings in order to process emotions and body sensations.

Let’s be honest – most people don’t want to be in such a distressing or anxiety provoking situation that they need therapy. Approaching a therapist can feel daunting. Often people don’t know what to expect. Therapy works well when the therapeutic connection feels safe and strong. I have trained and become experienced in several modalities (types of therapy) so am an integrative therapist in order to best support you through offering multiple approaches to match your individual needs and preferences. This offers a personalised therapeutic journey.

I am trained and experienced to work in these ways: Relationship/Systemic; Attachment informed; CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Trauma informed - EMDR and Brainspotting.

This means I offer relational work, working short and long term, with individuals, couples and family issues. I also offer help for mild to moderate mental health depression and anxiety, trauma processing and work related problems.

To start the process send an email to info@walescounselling.co.uk or fill in our contact form I will get back to you and we can have a quick chat to get a feel of the connection, ask any questions and where we can decide whether to book an initial appointment.

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